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We offer professional hull cleaning service to rid your hull of marine growth and zebra mussels. We will remove  your boat from its trailer to clean so your trailer isn't damaged. Years of hull cleaning a boat on its trailer will destroy the trailer very quickly from the inside out.

Stop by our facility for high quality detailing and body shop work every time. You're always going to be satisfied when you choose us.



Get your boat ready for the water

Lake Minnetonka Complete Marine Services offers complete boat detailing including buff and wax and hull cleaning to keep your boat looking great all season long!

Let us take care of all of your boat's body work and detailing so that it's ready for the water.

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Buff and Wax


Alexander after (2)

Bottom cleaning


We give your exterior fiberglass the exact level of care it needs to be protected and looking great by buffing it then applying a paste wax.


Badly oxidized boats can be restored with an agressive buff followed by a fine polish and two layers of wax.


For premium appearance and protection we can also polish and wax your exterior metal.  

We give your boat's interior a deep clean.  Then we provide maximum protection from the elements by polishing, conditioning or waxing every surface.  This includes polishing the metal, glass and plastic components; conditioning vinyl seats and cushions; and waxing walls and floors.



We provide regular maintenance cleaning for both the interior and exterior of your boat.

Interior detailing

We remove all boats from trailers to do hull cleans.  The trailer in photo below is ruined from years of hull cleans    done while boat is on the trailer.

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