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We know how important your boat is to you, and we treat it right. While winterization is vital, here are some regular maintenance recommendations and recommended service intervals:


•Oil change - should be done yearly or every 100 hours, whichever comes first


•Gear Lube Change - conventional gear lube should be changed every 50 hours or every year, whichever comes first and synthetic gear lube should be changed every 100 hours or yearly, whichever comes first


•Water Pump Impeller - every year


•U-joint and Engine Coupler Grease - every year


•Tune-up - every other year


•Transmission Fluid - every year


•Anodes - should be replaced once they're corroded 20% or covered with corrosion


•Belts - every 5 years


•Anti-freeze (closed coolant models) - should be replaced every other year


•Bellows - every 5 years


•Buff and Wax  - yearly


•Hull Clean - Yearly (if bottom is not painted)


•Bottom Paint (anti-fouling paint) - should be sanded and re-coated every 1-5 years, depending on the paint used.


•Batteries - should be replaced every 3 years




Get your boat serviced at your dock or in our shop so you can get back to enjoying the lake in no time at all.



You can be sure that your boat is getting the best care

Lake Minnetonka Complete Marine Services provides quality boat repair services to the Lake Minnetonka,  Lake Waconia Area - MN. With over 96 cumulative years of experience in the boat repair industry, you can be sure that we will get your boat running and looking like new.

Get comprehensive repairs:

Owner Mike Ivers personally oversees every job, so you know your boat is receiving the best possible care.

•Repairs and preventative maintenance


•Spring commissioning


•Buff, wax, and detailing


•Propeller and skeg repair


•Shrink wrap






•Blister repairs/Interprotect bottom jobs


•Fiberglass, gelcoat and wood repair




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