Lake Minnetonka Complete Marine Services

Call us today for specific pricing regarding the transportation and storage services available for your boat.



Your solution for boat transportation and storage

Our facility offers you a variety of transport and storage solutions that will fit your unique needs. Our storage prices include transport from Lake Minnetonka and Lake Waconia areas in the fall and back to the lake in the spring.  Call us to discuss your unique situation and pricing.

Do you want to store your boat at home or a private storage facility? We can transport your boat for you. If you don't have a trailer, we can still transport your boat.  We have high quality boat stands for sale to safely block your boat.


Transport and storage services: 

•   Dock pick up and delivery

•   Indoor secured storage

•   Outdoor secured storage

•   Transporting boats up to 50 feet in length

•   Transporting to and from launch ramp

•   Seasonal transport for storage

•   Transport services within Midwest  


Square boat transport IMG_2824 IMG_2828

Properly permitted, licensed and insured.