Lake Minnetonka Complete Marine Services

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Complete Marine Services offers fiberglass, gelcoat, wood, and metal repair.

We also offer epoxy water barrier, antifouling bottom paint and other epoxy coatings. We recommend using an Interlux Interprotect bottom system top coated with anti-fouling paint for boats moored in the water or top coated with a high performance epoxy coating for trailered boats and boats kept on lifts.


Interprotect epoxy water barrier has microplates, molecules that overlap, to help stop water migration through the coating (works like shingles on a roof).  This is the system of choice for sealing the bottom after repairing blisters, cracks and gouges, as this will prevent future water migration and blistering.


Anti-fouling paint can be applied over Interprotect or applied without it.  Anti-fouling paint will prohibit marine growth on your hull and therefore eliminate the need to clean your bottom with harsh chemicals every fall.  Anti-fouling paint needs to be re-coated every 1-5 years, depending on quality and type of paint applied.



If your gelcoat has blisters, water is seeping through your hull.  We can repair these blisters and apply a water barrier coating to prevent future blistering.


Let us take care of all of your boat's body work and detailing so that it's ready for the water.

'91 Sea Ray Weekender Bottom After 2 '91 Sea Ray Weekender Bottom Before 2



blisters swim platform before swim platform after swim plat before swim plat after

Swim platform damage before and after.

Swim platform refinish, buff & wax before and after.